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                            Home About us Products Technology Video
                            ZOJE new product launch — Ho chi minh,Vietnam

                            On February 23, 2019, ZOJE  new product launch  was held in ho chi minh city, Vietnam. The brand new e-series models and A6000 were launched. Chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr. Li ruiyuan, overseas marketing director Mr. Roben, Vietnam branch Mr. Kim, general manager of NGUYEN HUY HOANG and more than 160 dealers and customer friends across Vietnam also attended the conference.A6000 brand - new 25th anniversary series flatcar is the peoples attention, will be the climax of the meet.


                            The new product conference is the symbol of a new level of cooperation between Zoje, Vietnam and Mr.Ruan Huihuang . Zoje has a rich and comprehensive product line, reliable and stable quality, in line with the market price, is a reliable and faithful partner.

                            Vietnam will be the key market planned by ZOJE in 2019. Our specially customized helmets and raincoats have become a beautiful scene on the streets of Vietnam and are deeply loved by local customers.


                            We have a strong and professional after-sales team in Vietnam, rich after-sales spare parts reserve, Vietnam ZOJE dedicated service for you.




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