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                            ZOJE GET exhibition - India

                            The new E series model and a6000-g sewing machine of ZOJE republic will be displayed in ZOJE republic GET exhibition in India on February 22, 2019. Mr. Li ruiyuan, chairman of the board of directors of the company and Mr. Roben, overseas marketing director, will introduce the exhibition. 


                            ZOJE adheres to the concept of "good quality, consistent", relying on original design and exquisite technical level, has attracted many Indian dealers to consult and negotiate. At the same time, through the guidance of high-quality technical personnel, dealers put forward many products on the technical problems have been effectively solved, many customers are greatly satisfied, the scene to achieve a large number of purchase intention.


                            This exhibition, not only participating models of sewing machines have been recognized by customers, we also brought back a lot of valuable advice from dealers. I hope to have further cooperation with India in the future.

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