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                            To fight the epidemic over ten thousand miles Love from ZOJE family in Colombia!


                            Novel coronavirus pneumonia is threatening, and medical supplies are in short supply. N95 masks and protective clothing are most in short supply. It is reported that at present, the demand for N95 masks and medical protective clothing of Wuhan has far exceeded the output and supply of China in the normal period. To ensure the supply of N95 masks and medical protective clothing is an important part of the epidemic Resistance War.

                            It's up to everyone to fight the epidemicimage003.jpg


                            Across ten thousand miles - The scarce medical suppliesN95 mask

                            from Colombia to ZOJE


                            At the beginning of February, the partners of ZOJE Colombia found N95 masks, a batch of rare medical materials, which were urgently purchased from Colombia, were shipped to China as soon as possible and donated to the company for epidemic prevention. We will resolutely win the prevention and control of the epidemic.


                            The family of ZOJE Colombia

                            Love across thousands of miles

                            When more than 20 cases of N95 mask arrived at ZOJE company after ten thousand miles, we felt full love from Colombia. Trickle down into the sea. There is a lack of mask resources in the world, and the twists and turns cannot be expressed in words. ZOJE's family members all over the world are concerned about China's epidemic situation, unite as one and fight against it. ZOJE will closely connect with global customers, focus on epidemic prevention and control, return to work and production, resolutely win the prevention and control resistance war, and play a good development initiative. Provide intelligent products and services with excellent quality to the world and make the world fall in love with ZOJE intelligent manufacturing.


                            Although the epidemic is merciless, love has no borders. The global family of ZOJE, with countless touching moments, warms the hearts of all ZOJE people. Thank you for walking with you. Every heavy care will push ZOJE to a better future!

                            Thank you, Colombian partners,

                            Thank you, global partners!

                            Quality first, always!

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