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                            Keep going forward | ZOJE once again won the "Zhejiang top export brand"!

                            On February 24, Zhejiang Business Network officially announced the list of "Zhejiang top export brand" enterprises in 2019, and ZOJE was on the list.


                            Zhejiang Province has been implementing the strategy of optimizing and upgrading foreign trade. The government has invested a lot of human and material resources to improve the industrial chain and promote the development of economic cycle. It has cultivated the independent brand construction project of foreign trade to strive to improve the quality and grade of export products and enhance the overall quality image and competitiveness of enterprises in Zhejiang Province. Inject new vitality into the global business circle and reap more business opportunities. To build "Zhejiang export famous brand" enterprises, to help Zhejiang foreign trade enterprises to comprehensively develop Zhejiang Province has been implementing the foreign trade optimization and upgrading strategy, the government has invested a lot of human and material resources to improve the industrial chain and promote the circular development of economy, to cultivate foreign trade independent brand construction projects to strive to improve the quality and grade of export products, and to enhance the overall quality image and competitiveness of Zhejiang enterprises. Inject new vitality into the global business circle and reap more business opportunities. Build "Zhejiang export famous brand" enterprises, help Zhejiang foreign trade enterprises to develop in an all-round way, and promote foreign trade industry cluster to advance towards high quality.


                            ZOJE once again won the honor of "Zhejiang top export brand enterprise"

                            According to the notice of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce on developing the cultivation of "Zhejiang export famous brand" in 2019, the Provincial Department of Commerce started the declaration of "Zhejiang export famous brand" in August 2019. After layer by layer selection and the principle of selecting the best, 181 "Zhejiang export famous brand" enterprises were selected in 2019. The validity period is three years, and Zhejiang ZOJE Sewing Technology Co., Ltd. won the honor!



                            Zoje sewing machine is very popular with overseas users

                            The selection of "Zhejiang export famous brand" enterprises is led, implemented and supervised by the Ministry of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. This award is an affirmation and encouragement for Zoje to insist on quality, public praise and innovation. It also inspires the company to speed up research and development and innovation, promote product quality and sales volume to a higher level, constantly improve product popularity at home and abroad, and enhance the international competition of Chinese original brands Struggle. Zoje has been making products for 25 years, pursuing excellent quality, using intelligent sewing equipment to drive the sewing new normal, and helping the industry to improve quality and efficiency.



                            Let the world fall in love with Zoje intelligent manufacturing

                            The company has been adhering to the global brand strategy, using the products of technological innovation, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and high-quality services, and constantly improving the popularity and reputation of ZOJE brand in the world. After years of brand accumulation, it has gained good reputation in the global market, and gained the support and trust of global strategic partners, laying a solid foundation for Zhejiang export famous brand enterprises. In the future, ZOJE will continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, optimize product structure, improve service quality, and strive to become a technology leader in the industry. Its products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions, winning the unanimous recognition of customers at home and abroad. The company will also take this opportunity to further improve the export strategy, strengthen management, protect brand rights and interests, and win the core competitiveness of ZOJE brand premium in the increasingly fierce market competition.

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